A standard membership is an adult membership for a parent, grand-parent, family member...or anyone else - non-student, non-staff - that wants to support our PTSA! Remember...PTSA memberships must be renewed annually.



Student Membership: There are many benefits to student membership! Student membership is required if you will be applying for the $500 PTSA BHS Graduating Senior Scholarship. PTSA memberships must be renewed annually.



Teacher/Staff Membership! We love that our teachers, faculty and school staff support PTSA! Please indicate which building you work in (primary site) for our records. PTSA memberships must be renewed annually.


Business Membership

Support Brockport Central PTSA with a business membership! You will receive a membership packet, display certificate and a special "Thank You" on our website & Facebook page. Donations/PTSA memberships are tax deductible.